Four Creative Open House Tips to Help Your Home Stand Out

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Open House Sign Pointing to New Home

A little creativity can go a long way in helping your home sell quickly. So, why not host an open house that potential buyers won’t forget?

Whether you’re selling your home independently or using the services of an agent, following these tips could help set your open house and your home apart from the rest.

Host a Digital Open House

Before real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia became popular, open houses were the only way prospective buyers could catch a glimpse of a home’s interior. Now, buyers have the opportunity to fully scope out a listing – inside and out – by viewing it online.
Prepare your home for a digital open house the same way you would for a live open house. Apply a fresh coat of paint, remove personal items (such as family photos) and make sure everything is clean and free of clutter. Next, hire a professional to photograph your home, and then post the most appealing photographs online. Giving your home an alluring online presence will entice buyers to set foot into your home and potentially make an offer.

Plan an Open House With a Theme

Almost everyone can get excited about a party with a theme, so apply this same strategy when selling your home. Depending on the time of year, consider hosting an open house to match the season. According to, spring and early summer are the optimal times to sell a home, since many buyers are looking to get settled before the school year begins.

If your home is on the market during the warmer months, giving guests a refreshing tropical drink while they browse adds a nice touch. If you’re trying to sell around the holiday season, deck out your home with festive décor and have music to match playing in the background. Remember to only add subtle touches. Going overboard could keep potential buyers from getting a realistic impression of your home.

Appeal to the Buyer’s Senses

Giving potential buyers a positive multi-sensory experience will leave them with a lasting impression, so they’ll be sure to remember your home when weighing their options.

Make sure your home not only looks ready to sell, but ensure it smells the part, too. Remove any traces of pet and other odors by deodorizing your carpets. Add a pleasing aroma by baking cookies just before your open house, and appeal to your guests’ sense of taste by serving them on a platter. Playing soft, calming music in the background will help potential buyers relax and enjoy the experience. Finally, leaving them with something tangible – such as a coffee mug to use in their new home, or a magnet or photo packet with you or your realtor’s information on it – will trigger their sense of touch.

Test Various Times of Day

One of the biggest hurdles buyers encounter when looking for a new home is simply having enough time to view the properties in which they are interested. To open up your property to a wider clientele, host an open house on various days of the week and at differing times.

Weekends are a busy time for some people, while for others, it’s the only time they can allocate for house hunting. For some, weeknights or afternoons are best. To ensure that all interested buyers have the chance to see your home, host your open house at alternating times.

Open Your Home and Watch It Sell

Creating a memorable open house helps sweeten the experience for interested buyers, who will notice and remember the unique touches. If they are deciding between multiple properties, their experience may just help tip the odds in your favor.